Balls And My Word by Geto Boys

Mike Check: Hello Fellers. I’m about the head back to…

Mike’s daughter: Dad! The security system that I set up in your trailer in Orlando is going haywire!

Mike Check What do you mean my whiz-kid dear?

Mike’s Daughter: Wait, let me log on to the cameras….a man with a floral Mask has just broken into your trailer dad!? It looks like he wants to say something, I’ll turn the volume up…

166442_10150354969980092_505345091_16731851_5718488_nMidnight Rose: Say hello to the Midnight Rose mang! Are you trying to bust my fucking balls by playing these songs about balls old Cowboy! First you have this Adam Rose taking my Rosebud catchphrase! Then you have this Romantic Touch taking my style mang! All I have left in this world are my balls and my word! Speaking of “Balls And My Word”, that song by The Geto Boys is like a chicken waiting to get plucked, so play it mang or you can stick your head up your toilet!

Mike Check: Is that masked Cuban feller gone? Thank…

Mike’s Daughter: No he’s still…OH NO!

Midnight Rose: Say hello to my little friend! [*Destroys Mike’s equipment with a Colt AR-15 and then leaves*]

Mike Check: Oh no, those thingamabobs cost a lot of money! But why? What else can go wrong?!

[*phone rings*] KMCR Radio, Ole Mike Check here.

Bob Iger: Hello Mark Check? This is Bob Iger from Disney and I have been informed that you have been using some bad language…

Mike Check: No! Ah, it was that masked Cuban feller…!

Bob Iger: Yes he’s been arrested, but I’m also appalled about the offensive tunes about “male genitals” that you have been broadcasting on this unauthorized Internet radio show in the vicinity of Disney World’s parking lot. That’s not wholesome entertainment, unlike Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus, that we at Disney approve of and not the family image that we encourage from our employees. So I’m sorry to also inform you that I’m wishing you well on your future endeavors. Good day sir. [*hangs up phone*]

Mike Check: Well looks like poor ole Mike is broke again. I just hope no “Angry” fellers show up to request songs next year.

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