All Alone On Christmas by Darlene Love and The E Street Band

This song is from that new movie, I’m not sure what the title of that particular film is, but it’s about a family that forgets their son when going on vacation and he’s “home alone”? Anyway this reminds me of, I hope my daughter doesn’t get mad at me for mentioning this, but did I ever tell you fellers about that one Christmas years ago when I…eh…”accidentally” lost my daughter at a strip club? Well her babysitter (who was one fine filly let me tell you) said that she had to work an extra shift at her job and couldn’t make it. So like any responsible parent would do in that situation, I had no choice but to bring my daughter with me.

So anyway, I was distracted for a moment…or several moments (I was drunk so I don’t remember?) and lost her? Ole Mike was in a panic, let me tell you, but thankfully I found her hiding behind a curtain in a back room. I asked what she was doing there and she said that she that she saw a woman, who looked like her babysitter, and asked why she was dancing on that man’s lap in a tiny Santa outfit and why he was putting money in her underwear? For once, ole Mike was speechless, but I told her that maybe they were practicing playing Mr and Mrs Claus and he was giving her presents. Anyway, ole Mike never brought her there again. I’m just glad that incident hasn’t effected her later in life.

Anyway, since ole Mike and my daughter are running the show “alone” from two locations, here’s “All Alone On Christmas” by Darlene Love And The E Street Band here the the “Christmas Carousal!”


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