Hard Candy Christmas by The Monarch, Henchman 21 and 24

Fellers I remember awhile back on the Tweeter machine that, gotta check a second to see if my daughter’s around fellers, one second while ole Mike works out how to use this computer “Scope” thingamabob….

*dead space for 5 minutes*

Back fellers. Sorry about that but my daughter doesn’t like it when I mention his name and she gets real mad! I wonder why? I remember on the Tweeter machine that “Raggy David” feller about “Hard Candy Christmas“, which is a classic by the great Dolly Parton that I played awhile back on the “Christmas Carousel”. This…Raggy David feller recommended me this version here on that there Tweeter machine.

So here’s a different version of “Hard Candy Christmas” here on…The Macker!


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