Cashing In On Christmas by Bad News

Mike Check: Christmas Carousal is here Fellers live from Disn…what in…?

Bad News Barretbadnewsbarrettt: Ladies and Gentlemen can I have some decorum please! My name is Bad News Barrett and I’m invading the Mike Check Show because I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS! Christmas is a time that you listeners fib to your children about an obese man that wears a ridiculous red suit who provides them with free gifts. The bad news is: Christmas is NOT free lads and “Father Christmas”, or as you Yanks call him; “Santa”, is a figment of your pathetic imaginations. No, Christmas is all about money and a time when untalented musicians make vile holiday songs to “Cash In” on whatever small salaries you make, and that’s assuming you’re even employed. So in the so-called “Christmas Spirit”, I demand that YOU old man play “Cashing In On Christmas” by BAD NEWS before I also announce to all these shot nosed little brats at Disney World that Christmas is cancelled. Thank you very much! #BNB

Mike Check: Uh…is that Wayne Barra feller gone? Fascinating. Well…Don’t worry kids, Christmas is not cancelled and neither is this show. So tune in tomorrow for more Yuletide hits here on the “Christmas Carousal!”


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