Golden Dream by Richard Page and Siedah Garrett

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Why did you tell RD & Blade on their show the other day that you’re moonlighting at Disney World when you’re not even supposed to leave the house?! I hope none of the 12 listeners are cops?!

Mike Check: Well Darlin’ I had to tell them since you lost your job over at the “dance studio” & unfortunately “The Mike Check Show” isn’t quite bringing in the dough like you said it would. I know that you’ve been upset lately & doing all those late night job interviews, so I found one of your doohickey escape devices lying around so I can work over there at Disney World. Thanks to that interweb-whatever I found a job driving the Choo-Choo train!

Mike’s Daughter: Uh? That’s strange? Why didn’t I know about this??

Mike Check: I’m quite sure that I mentioned this before? Anyway, there’s a song that plays while I go around “American Adventure Theme Park” on the train…

Mike’s Daughter: …No you never?? But this doesn’t even make sense? I mean, I thought Disney doesn’t allow employees with facial hair? But how…??

Mike Check: …Hush darlin’. It’s “Golden Dream” here on THE MACKER!

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