Things Can Only Get Better by Howard Jones

Well Fellers. I have to tell you what happened recently here on KMCR. The cops came here and my whiz-kid daughter demanded that the officer take me back to Folsom and even mentioned the “so-called” times I “apparently” left my home as it were. The officer basically said she was all hysterical and they have no evidence of me leaving my home EVEN THOUGH my daughter gave them this “so-called” evidence.

The officer thinks my daughter was extremely distraught and thinks I’m to blame. Of all the nerve! So after the feller helped us out we both apologized to each other and I can stay here on KMCR for awhile more. I could had sworn I heard the officer say “We don’t even want him back in Folsom” on that there radio of his.

Howard Jones, you are a lifesaver to ole Mike Check so I’ll play one more song of yours here on…The Macker!


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