Go Go Power Rangers by The Mighty RAW

Mike Check: Fellers I got to tell you that this year’s “Halloween Hootenanny” has certainly been memorable for ole Mike here on KMCR. Kids dressing up as walking-whatever that web stuff is, then we got kids as turtles for some odd reason, my ole co-worker Satan dropping by, and to top things off I accidentally played some controversial….Oh what now! Can somebody get the door?

Mike’s Daughter: Got it dad. I just hope it’s not Satan again?….Oh thank God!

Mike Check: I give up. What the heck are these kids now here with their shiny helmets?!? They look like walking…

Mike’s Daughter: DAD! These kids are dressed as Power Rangers.

Mike Check: They don’t look anything like Texas Rangers, or whatever it was you said?

Mike’s Daughter: No dad. Power Rangers.

Mike Check: Well is that some sort of police? Are they coming over thinking I left my house again?

Mike’s Daughter: No dad, they’re super heroes. You know, Go Go Power Rangers?

Mike Check: I don’t want to know. I’ll just drink my whiskey and play this song.


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