Rock You To Hell by Grim Reaper

Satan: Perhaps I could even possess you Mike to play a few more requests, if you know what I mean?…

Mike Check: What?! You’re here again? Where the heck did you come from?…

Satan: “Heck”? Ha Ha Ha. Yes, something like that.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Something tells me that maybe you shouldn’t trust…

Mike Check: Hush Darlin’. Yeah sure. What do you want to hear?

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! He might take your soul or something…

Satan: No. No. I just want to hear “Rock You To Hell” by Grim Reaper. You know that I actually wrote this song.

Mike’s Daughter: Even worse. But I’m not surprised, this could only be the work of the Devil.

Mike Check: I’m not sure what you two are talking about but here’s “Rock You To Hell” here on THE MACKER!

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