Devil Woman by Cliff Richard

Mike Check: Damn kids! Don’t they know that there’s a live broadcast on the air right now! Darlin’ could you get the door please?

Mike’s Daughter: Sure Thing Dad!

???: Trick or Treat!

Mike’s Daughter: Dad. Its Satan. That guy who you had as a special guest during the “3 Years of Whackin’” earlier in the year.

Mike Check: Coming. How are you doing ole top?

pitch001Satan: I thought I’d come here and wish you and that enchanting beauty here, who took over while you were somewhat missing here, a Happy Halloween.

Mike Check: Well ain’t that nice.

Satan: I also thought I would come here to personally request a song; would “Devil Woman” by Cliff Richard be not that hard to play?

Mike’s Daughter: And he’s hard dad, very hard! Of course not that way of course.

Mike Check: Hush darlin’. No problem I’ll play that song right now here on…THE MACKER!!!

Satan: Oh and…Worship The Devil!

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