I Wish You Were A Beer by Cycle Sluts From Hell

Mike Check: This next song is by the Cycle Sl…I’m not sure if I can say that word on KMCR? Well, let’s just call them the “Cycle Jezebels From Hell” just in case. You know this his drunk feller, I think he was my daughter’s ex-boyfriend or something, once referred to her as something similar to the name of this band. I wasn’t happy about that let me tell you because ole Mike heck well knows that she’s never even…ridden a motorcycle her life?! Isn’t that right my precious petunia?

Mike’s Daughter: Er…yes dad, you’re right. You know that I haven’t ever ridden anyone…I mean anything in my life. Oh that reminds me, I have to go “bowling” again tonight.

Mike Check: You must be really good at that by know. I hope you score 300.

Mike’s Daughter: Ye..ah, hopefully I score more than “300”.

Mike Check: I’m not sure I understand that particular reference? Anyway, here’s the start of one of ole Mike’s favorite pickup lines; It’s “I Wish You Were A Beer” here on The MACKER!

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