Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph, Chet Atkins and Ray Stevens

Hello fellers! Your ole buddy Mike Check is back from England & boy are my arms tired [*crickets chirping*]. My daughter has told me of some sight mishaps that we had on The Mike Check Show’s “Three years of Whackin” Month. But seeing that my precious petunia is one hell of a whiz-kid, it turned out to be a “fascinating” success.

Speaking of “mishaps”, you fellers probably want to know about ole Mike receiving that BBC Radio Achievement award? Well, my award wasn’t presented by a “Regal Star” (those cockney accents are hard to understand sometimes), but by all people, my old room-mate from hell, Ringo Starr! Well, an little incident occurred after I bumped into him at the podium. Well, “bumped into” is an understatement, let me tell you, because I knocked him out on his posterior! And he still denied stealing all my beer & cigars! Well before I knew it, the Bobbies (that’s what they call ‘Police’ there) tried to arrest me & started chasing me around the place like I was in some Benny Hill skit:

…Fascinating! Well, I was soon released from custody after they realized that assaulting Ringo Star hasn’t been classified as an a felony in England since 1970 (I think that’s around the time his first solo album debuted). But unfortunately I’m not allowed to go back there ever again & the kind police over here put an extra lock on my ankle bracelet this morning. Which I guess it’s in case it falls off again? So anyway, in light of that here’s “Yakety Sax” here on THE MACKER!

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