Killed By Death by Motörhead

[*lighting strike*] Muahahaha! Muahahaha! Were you all expecting someone else? It’s the Ratings Reaper and I just reaped my latest victim; Cheatum The One-Eyed Midget. I’m also here to kill “The Mike Check Show” due to it’s poor ratings in this market. Last year it was just your URL, but this year I’m shutting this place down for good, just like I did with a few days ago. So by this evening, there will be NO further 3rd Anniversary celebrations and NO guests hosts this month as promised. Better yet; no more long boring diatribes about working in different markets and hearing music that’s so old that it even pre-dates me! But while I’m here, I might as well play one last song; “It’s Killed By Death by Motörhead”. Bye Bye “Mike Check Show” Muahahaha! Muahahaha!

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