12 Days of Christmas by Bob and Doug McKenzie

I’ve been promising to tell you fellers this story since March about the time I worked over in the Kitchener, Ontario Market at a radio station known as “CNAK: The Canuck!”. I was going under name Mickey Loonie and my partner was Bruce Moose…we were the “Mickey Moose Club”. My stint didn’t last long after I was fired for causing a “kerfuffle” just because I punched Bruce in the face. It all started one Christmas morning, I stayed over at Bruce’s apartment because I was too hungover to drive from drinking one too many “Two-Fours” the night before. While we were having breakfast, I asked him if he had some Eggnog. He said no, but wanted to offer me some “Homo Milk”? I was mad as heck, let me tell you! That was until, years later, my daughter told me that it didn’t mean what I thought……those Canadians use some strange words eh?

Speaking of “strange” , here’s a song from those guys from that movie called “A Strange Brew” (I mentioned it earlier in the year) called “The 12 Days of Christmas” (and it’s 12 days till Christmas, let me tell you), here on “The Macker!”

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