Yesterday by The Beatles

Ole Mike Check here. Honestly to all of you out there I shouldn’t even be playing this song and instead it was accidentally mislabeled. This goes all back when I was working in London for The BBC. They fired me on my first day on the show and I had the idea of doing a morning gimmick doing an impersonation of Queen Elizabeth under a show, where I didn’t use my natural name of Mike Check, where I was Colin Shepherd. My partner was Pierce Noble and we had a show called “The Shepherd’s Pie Show”. Now I wanted to do a character because doing character on the radio plays real well in your market. Unfortunately the British people didn’t like it that much so I was fired on the show.

I went home on that day where my roommate Ringo Starr, who should be considered as the world’s worst roommate ever, brought his stupid friends over. Ringo was in some band and he picked this day, the day I get fired, to have his little band meeting! Ringo introduced me to his band which I think there names were John, Larry, and was it George? I don’t know. Ringo chose this day of all days to have band practice and they were called “The Blackjacks”. Yes that pissed off ole Mike Check here and you don’t want to make me angry. I couldn’t sleep all night because their music was so much noise I yelled at them calling their music a bunch of “chirping beatles”!

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