Halloween/Horror Business by The Misfits

Wow.  I can’t believe that Brad (@bladebraxton) called in for a request for Dad’s “Halloween Hootenanny”.  I wish I can put a YouTube video of it up but I kind of broke the camera trying to get my audition tape recorded for Vivid.  I mean if that Teen Mom can do it why can’t I?  Luckily I had one of dad’s fossil reel-to-reel tape players and I recorded the conversation as it happened:

Mike Check: “Have you seen Halloween in Osterberlin by Silly darlin’?  I was supposed to play it today but-oh hold on!  The telephone’s ringing.  KMCR, The Mike Check Show!”

???: “I…can’t believe that your still doing this!”

Mike Check: “Is this Brad?!?  How are you doing Old Top?!?”

Blade: “Why are you butchering my favorite time of the year?!?”

Mike Check: “I love Halloween Brad!  Its my favorite time of the year!  Don’t you remember the stories I always tell on WWCR?”

Blade: “I tune you out whenever you say anything.”

Mike Check: “I don’t get that particular reference there Brad.”

Blade: “Before you destroy Halloween for me just play any song by The Misfits.  In fact play Halloween/Horror Business before you–”

Mike Check: “Whoa there Brad!  You may get away with the potty mouth on WWCR but not on The Mike Check Show.  I’ll play your request and here it is.  It’s ‘Halloween/Horror Business’ by The Misfits here on THE WHACKER!”

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