The Wanderer by Dion

Hello fellers! This song is credited as written by Ernie Maresca, a song-writer who I once met at a bar the time I worked the New York market. He had writer’s block and asked ole Mike for some song ideas. I didn’t really have any but, after several beers, our conversation turned into stories about the many fine fillies I met working in different markets. It seemed that my life would have make a great song, let me tell you.

Anyway, during that time I worked at; WBRA: “The Bra!” I was Dee Wanderer, my partner was Ben Dee, we were the “Double Dee Drive Time”. We were once supposed to play the new single by Dion, called “The Majestic”, but Ben accidentally played the B-side (that’s the song on the other side of a single for you kids that don’t know. I’m not sure if these new C.D. thingamajigs even have one?) which was a song called “The Wanderer”. And it seemed that the lyrics were awfully familiar to those things I told Ernie. Although I do like this particular song, I’m still furious that I never received any royalties, let alone credit, after it became a hit!

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