Moving Violation by Skyy

Hello fellers! Ole Mike just came back yesterday and I know you fellers have been wanting to know where I’ve been? Well, I was driving back from Indianapolis on Route 66 and was arrested for “Driving under the influence”? I don’t understand how, the only thing I had was a burger (which wasn’t good, let me tell you, because the sauce on it tasted like Whiskey mixed with urine) from a BBQ/Fireworks stand that was run by a foul-mouthed feller named “Angry Jim”. Anyway, I was taken to the local police station for a while longer than expected because they discovered that I wasn’t wearing my little ankle bracelet. I don’t know why some shiny jewellery on my leg is so important anyway? But the Sheriff offered to release me, and overlook it, if I had some information about an illegal Mexican fireworks racket in the area. I didn’t know anything about any Mexican fireworks, I told them, but the only fireworks I saw was being sold was by a feller named Jim in Oklahoma. Well, that was good enough, apparently, because the nice Sheriff let me off from my “Moving Violation”, which I’m playing here on The Mike Check Show!


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