Be A Caveman by The Avengers

Well fellers ole Mike Check here. I got a hum-dinger of a hit for you that’ll be the hit of the summer with that Avengers movie that the kids are all talking about but first its a little unprofessional but I have to say it. I got one of those electrical mail whats-it from RJ and Brad. Looks like WWCR is re-opening its doors again. I’ll have to go back and resume my duties there but unfortunately since I’m no longer in jail the police was nice enough to give me a piece of shiny jewelry on my ankle. I thought that was nice of them to do that especially since I left Folsom quite early. Weirdest thing is that every time I go out and take out the trash the police show up to greet me. I think that’s nice and all but I really don’t need help with taking out the garbage and all. After I take this piece of jewelry off and I have to really because I don’t want RJ and Brad to think that I’ve gone “that way” since my time in prison.

I’ll be at some convention called “Days Of The Dead”. The last time I was there the ladies can’t get their hands off Mike Check. This song right here will make you popular with the ladies to. it’s “Be A Caveman” by The Avengers here on The-oh why not- on The WHACKER!


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