Hush by Deep Purple

This is Mike Check’s daughter here and frankly I’m kinda creeped out at the moment. I know that yesterday DAD finished his special 2 Year Anniversary here on what he called “2 Years of Whackin”. But…but… My dad had sex! The worse part was that he had a lot of it. A LOT! EW! EW! EW! I wasn’t particularly fond of my dad’s special last month since all the times dad was on WWCR RJ and Brad kept calling me a whore and especially that time I supposedly “slept” with Greg of Global I didn’t “sleep” with Greg, we had sex which is a BIG difference! I didn’t get it why he denied it after all the fun he did and oh the stuff he did. Like that one time… Oh crap! Dad’s waking up. I guess I have to tell the story of me, Greg, and the Chili Dog next time.


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