Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills

Hello fellers! Did you know that today marks the 2nd year Anniversary of “The Mike Check Show”? (Edit: Well not quite, it was actually April 3rd 2011 when the first ever song (Brandy by Looking Glass) was played…) So to celebrate, I will be spinning some of the songs you may have heard me play on WWCR that haven’t yet made on the “The Mike Check Show”. Also my daughter, who I tell you is one hell of a whiz-kid, was able to resurrect some of the song-list from the old 2009 website that I thought were all destroyed in a fire.

So to kick off “2 Years of Whackin” Month, (and I promise I won’t play some cruel April Fools joke and a Rick Astley song again) here’s “Music Box Dancer” by Frank Mills on “The Whacker!” (And I’m still calling it that for now, I don’t care what my Lawyers say) And, unlike last time, I assure you that there are actual lyrics in this version of the song…just wait for it…

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