Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy

Request coming to ole Mick Check here.  I remember playing this song back I was working at WWCR, The WHACKER!  I was hired by RJ and he had this “sidekick” as they call it in the business. which is a guy that’s a close companion that sets up the jokes in the radio business.  Now RJ hired ole Mike Check to be something called a “TNA Correspondent” which is for those not experienced in the radio business as a guy that would watch some show called the “TNA Impact” on cable tv.

I didn’t have the Cable TV to watch the TNA, at the time I thought I was going to watch maybe some “Battle Of The Network Stars” show with Linda Carter and Catherine Bach in the sexy bikinis.  That would get me a little excited there.  Instead it was some pro wrestling show and there she was; Taylor Wilde.

Oh! Oh! Taylor Wilde was such a filly!  I wanted to tame Taylor Wilde there!  I wonder what she’s doing now and if she needs ole Mike Check to break her?

This song’s going out to you Taylor Wilde, right here on The Mike Check Show!


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