Hot Stuff by Donna Summer

Hello fellers! It’s your old buddy Mike Check here. It’s Summertime as you fellers already know, and when I think of Summer and the hot weather, it reminds me of this song by this sexy filly known as Donna Summer. I’m sad to hear that she recently passed away a couple of months ago. Since news travels pretty slow at Folsom prison, I didn’t even know until today that she was sick?

Anyway, this song; “Hot Stuff” reminds me of the time I worked in the Englewood, Florida market at a radio station known as WWNG: the Wang! At that time I was going under the name “Harry Dickinson”. I once had Ms. Summer in the studio for an interview. When the mics were off, I asked her if she would like some Harry Dickinson in her Hot Stuff. Needless to say her German husband, at the time, wasn’t too impressed. Let’s just say I don’t remember what happened after that…

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