Mike Check’s Prize Closet

Well, my daughter has finally thrown her deadbeat son out of her house and needs to get rid of his stuff to set up a sewing room. I took a few boxes off her hands and put them in the closet next to all my fishing equipment and bowie knife collection.

I don’t even know what most of these things are, but I’m giving them away to the winners of various contests that will be held in the coming months, so keep your ears tuned to the Mike Check frequency.


Blink 182 (5)

Butthole Surfers (9)

The Dickies (5)

Green Day (7)

Kottonmouth Kings (5)

Social Distortion (3)

Sum 41 (4)


Aqua Teen Hunger Force, volumes 1-5

Dr. Katz, the complete series

Family Guy, volumes 1-5

Homicide: Life on the Street, seasons 1-4

The Kids in the Hall, seasons 1-3

Married with Children, seasons 1-7

Popular, seasons 1-2 and
Grosse Pointe, the complete series

SeaLab 2021, volumes 1-4

The Simpsons, seasons 1-10

SNL, season 1

Viva La Bam, seasons 1-5

Prize Packs


Sifl & Olly / Wonder Showzen

Titus / Action

Terrible movies

Terrible music

’80s CDs

’90s CDs

Absolutely MAD, the first 53 years

Yes, they’re all used.

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